Medicare Insurance ? Best Choices in 2011

Medicare Insurance ? Best Choices in 2011

Medical Insurers are searching for the best Medicare insurance plans according to his choice or want to decide how much to spend for a Medicare supplement Plan as additional insurance.

According to Arizona Department of Insurance, a wide range of Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are available to fill their Medicare needs. These Plans are commonly known as Medigap, so called because the plans are meant to fill in the “gaps” not covered by original Medicare coverage such as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles. Average monthly premiums among the most popular Medigap plans can vary by as much as 0.

Medicare Supplemental Plan F, purchased by about half of Medigap customers is the is the best selling Medigap Plan in 2011. Plan F average monthly premiums range from on the low end to 6 for a 65-year-old man or woman and between 1 and 6 for a 75-year-old man or woman.

The second most selling Medigap Plan is Plan C. Costs vary similarly for Plan C. Average monthly premiums start at and top out at 7 for a 65-year-old man or woman and between 8 and 5 for a 75-year-old man or woman.

All Medigap plans contain the equal benefits no matter which company is selling them. The other Medicare Supplements that have value for consumers are Medicare Supplemental Plan N and Plan M. However, even though the plans are the same, some insurers may choose for a more expensive plan if they like or trust an insurance company.

Selecting a Medicare Plan, the Medigap cost shouldn’t be the only factor. Consumers should consider things like Medicare coverage, customer service and ask if the company offers any special discounts, such as a marital discount if both spouses apply for coverage or other discounts for having multiple policies.

Additionally, some companies increase premiums as a customer gets older while some keep premiums at the same rate as long as the customer holds the policy.

One important tip for consumer who are turning to 65, should buy a Medigap plan as soon as possible. For the first six months, insurance companies have to take new Medigap customers, regardless of pre existing conditions. After that, companies reserve the right to exclude pre existing conditions or deny coverage altogether.

Consumers have to have both Medicare Part A and Part B to be eligible to buy a Medigap plan. Medicare can’t be used to cover the price of a Medigap plan.

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